Entering Scarborough

In Early 1990’s Namu’s got married and purchased his property in Scarborough. All of Namu’s daughters were born in Scarborough.
During the same time many Tamils fled from Sri Lanka and were able to make Canada their new home. As the new comers arrived in Scarborough and they brought their back home politics as well. Many of the Sri Lankan new immigrants set up their businesses and able to settled in Scarborough.
Namu was able to find a job in his field of Pharmacy as well as able to do freelancing work as a translator and interpreter within his Tamil community. This has given him a chance to connect with the local people.

Life in Scarborough

It’s an Elephant

During this time expatriate Tamils faced with extortion at the hands of Tamil extremists group LTTE. Many were targeted by so called “money collectors” in and around GTA area as well. Namu was targeted for this purpose.
Namu exposed such criminal activity within his own community and spoke against it. This act had put him and his family in very dangerous position. The Canadian authorities did their best to safeguard Namu and his family members especially his three daughters. At the same time Tamil extremists elements who were in support of LTTE vigorously denied such activities within Tamil community.
During the same time, Canadian authorities met with the Tamil community to overcome such criminal acts. It is important to know that on such meeting one so called self-appointed Tamil Community leader denied such acts within the community. An RCMP officer had responded by saying that, “it’s an Elephant and you can’t hide it”.
Later Human Rights watch – HRW came up with a report on extortion and only Namu had the courage to put his name on the report. All the others were unable to come out with their names fearing reprisals by the LTTE members or its supporters.

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