Rougeville Residents concern about the safety of children.

Namu Ponn appealing to City Official to widen the road or change the street to a one way during school hours for Alwin Curly Public School.
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Toronto Elections Scarborough Malvern unresolved traffic.

Namu Ponn appeals to the City of Toronto officals to look at opening a new exit route from the condominium complex.
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Politilics of Ethnicity

Namu Ponn address Politilics of Ethnicity. This video is a special presentation on how the ethnic politics play a role in Canadian Multicultural mosaic.
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Install Parking signs and monitor the speeding vehicles.

Parking signs are not install in the Rougeville neighborhood for many years. Both visitors and residents are unsure which side of the street to safe to park their vehicles.
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Ward 42 - Dog park for Scarborough

Dog owners are demanding a "Dog Park"in Scarborough. Children's play area have been occasionally used as a sight of pets walk in our community.
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Ward 42 Voters Demand for High School for Morningside Heights.

Ward 42 - The local residents expressed their interest to have a new High School in the Community.
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Elections - Toronto - Voters - city hall Ward 42, Kite Flyers on Shepherd

Kite Flyers in and around our water tank area, well, it's a hobby for many, but Kite flyers are damaging the roofs on the Rougeville neighborhood.
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East End of Toronto ward 42 - Morningside Heights - North end - A land of Mosquitoes?

Frustrated residents in this neighborhood complains about Mosquitoes. City officials and the politicians failed to address the issue.
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City of Toronto, Scarborough Malvern Coop Housing units needs much more than funding

Welcome to our Cooperative housings in our community. We have many coop housing units in our ward. These cooperatives are in need of much more.
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