Community Work

Community Involvement

Namu always lived within our community in Scarborough.
He was an active member of School planning committee at the time of planning a new school in Rougeville area where he resides for the last 8 years.
Namu is in his strong opinion that a bright future for his community has to come from its community members. Namu is planning to create a cooperative society with the support of its members and able to fight the rising cost of living through the cooperative projects in the area.
In order to set up a cooperative society Namu is in need of volunteers and active members in near future. Our community members are very tired of seeing the rise of home and auto insurance. Our political leadership has failed to address such issues. The governments municipal, provincial and federal are not willing to fight against the companies or corporations which are in control of insurance market.
Especially the postal codes starting from M1X and M1B mainly our municipal ward is one of the areas paying much higher insurance in the whole GTA. Both of these areas inhabitants are immigrants and trying to set up their lives in Canada.
I welcome community members to get involved to address this issue on political platform to raise awareness among community. Secondly, we must educate our public that the politicians will not go against the guidelines created by the corporations who are in control of insurance policies. Thirdly and finally we must tell our community members to get involved and form a cooperative movement to reduce the insurance & share the wealth among themselves instead of corporations getting the net profit.

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