Canadian Perspetives

Namu had acted on the principle of Canadian values when it came to any international political crisis including that of Sri Lanka.
It is also important to note that Namu was involved in campaigning for a peaceful negotiated settlement for Sri Lankan political crisis.
Namu was involved in discussions with Mr. Bob Rae who had leaded a team of Canadians to give the Canadian perspective to Sri Lankan warring factions.
Namu was also involved with Sri Lanka Democracy Form – SLDF- an international group of Tamils who had campaigned extensively against the child recruitment by the LTTE and for a political solution in Sri Lanka.
Namu was endorsed by Mr. Rae for Municipal Councilor, at that time Mr. Rae was a candidate for the leadership of Liberal party of Canada.
Namu continues to be a supporter of Liberal policies and a vigorous campaigner for pro-immigrant policies as well. At the same time, Namu is willing to strengthen the hands of Canadian government in the international stage by voicing his concerns against the extremism within his own community in Canada.
Namu is a critic of Sri Lankan government for its failure on Human Rights principles and failure to protect the minority rights.

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