Namu Ponnambalam a resident of Scarborough Rouge River - City of Toronto, Ward 42.

Through this web interaction I would like to share my views of my community.
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Politics of Ethnicity

Namu Ponn addresses politics of ethnicity in Scarborough, Malvern Ward 42.

Namu Ponn address Politilics of Ethnicity. This video is a special presentation on how the ethnic politics play a role in Canadian Multicultural mosaic.
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Pet park for Scarborough

Namu Ponn urges City officials to consider a dog park for the residents in Scarborough.

Dog owners are demanding a "Dog Park"in Scarborough. Children's play area have been occasionally used as a sight of pets walk in our community.
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Kite Flyers on Shepherd

Kite flying destroyed roof shingles in Malvern, Rougeville and Morningside.

Kite Flyers in and around our water tank area, well, it's a hobby for many, but Kite flyers are damaging the roofs on the Rougeville neighborhood.
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Co -op Ideas:

Our Cooperative will be looking into serving our communities in the following areas.

  • Reduced Auto and Home Insurance
  • Affordable day care spaces
  • Supply of gas in a reasonable price

Latest News:

  • Co - op Ideas

    I am joining hands with many residents in our community in order to form a “Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society” The purpose of this group will be to fight the rising cost of many services including the auto insurance, home insurance, day care costs , rising costs of gas price etc.
    We are asking our community members to join hands with us to form a cooperative society which will be fully run by its members and the benefits will reach back to our community.
    We are willing to share our ideas with interested would be members of such cooperative and hope that we will form a “Coop Society” in our neighbourhood soon. >>
  • Services for New Immigrants

    Namu has been actively involved in the past two decades or more with helping the new immigrants. He has been working as a freelance interpreter to begin his connection to the community and able to build his network of people.
    At present, those people who had been new to Canada in the past are willing to help our society in general through their work to follow Canadians.
    We have been able to help our people with assistant to family and spousal sponsorships, student’s assistance such as student visa application, work permits, and social and health related issues to new comers as well as to our fellow Canadians. >>